Forest Floor Wall Hanging – Completed

I wrote about my failed scarf and how I was turning it into a wall hanging.

IMG_0708Here it is all ready for some hand stitching.


The hand stitching really starts bringing it to life.  My sewing machine is very old and does not like free motion stitching.  I ordered a quilting foot, so I will need to test it out to see if that will make any difference.  In any event, I spent most of yesterday afternoon and this morning stitching it up.  I found it quite therapeutic and relaxing.


Here it is all finished.  After hand stitching I added some extra locks.  Considering this wasn’t an intentional piece of artwork, I am now quite pleased with how it turned out.  I have a piece of fabric that I will add to the back and make it into a wall hanging.  It is approximately 16 inches square and made with merino wool, Teeswater locks, viscose and sari silk fibers.  The piece has been wet felted, needle felted and embellished.  Now to think about what I shall make next! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Forest Floor Wall Hanging – Completed

  1. I’m really in to the forest floor as subject matter for textile art and this is lovely Arlene. Hope you manage to get your machine to do free motion stitch because home made felt is such a wonderful background to do it on.

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    1. Thanks Karen. I walk in the woods often and it is really pretty now with the ferns and aconites. I have tried the free motion thing on my machine, but it really doesn’t like it. I bought a foot I am going to try this week to see if it helps. Otherwise I am doomed to hand stitching everything as I can’t afford to buy a new machine and there is nothing wrong with this 35 year old one! 🙂

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      1. You might find it works ok with the foot on. My machine isn’t very old but it won’t do free motion without the foot attached……it’s also much safer for your fingers to have the foot fitted! Good luck with it.

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