When a Hat Turns Into a Handbag


This was the hat.  I was trying to make it into a cafetière cozy, but it didn’t happen.  I wasn’t keen on the hat.  Not my best effort.  So I fulled the heck out of it and this is what I got.


I got a really nice sturdy felt from 100% merino wool.  I cut the spike off before fulling.   It left a little mark.  This is going to be the front.


It’s like a belly button!  I just got some wool and needle felted into it. You can’t even see that now.  It took me some time to think about how to make the bag.  The handles were an issue.  I have some bamboo handles, but then I needed to get the metal thingys for them and then how do you attach it all together?  I left it for quite awhile.  This enforced isolation means I need to finish projects.

I trimmed the top of the bag to make it straight and even.  I thought I could use the trimmings as something.  I then made some cord from coordinating wool.  This is the first time I made a long cord.  TIP:  I used latex gloves to dry roll it first.  It really helped to start the felting process.  I then sprayed the wool and rolled on some bubble wrap before fulling it really hard in the bamboo mat.  I used the trimmings to make little ropes also.  I then healed the edges of the bag and wet felted the bottom where I needle felted and let it all dry.

The hubs helped me put eyelets on the side of the bag and then I was good to go to finish it off.

IMG_0630I didn’t have any way of hang it outside to take a nice photo, so this will have to do.


This is the back.  I had made this with felting batts for the top layer, but as it was the first time, I kind of messed up on the edges.  I know how to do them better now.  In any event, it makes it unique.  I used one of the trimmings as a clasp for the button.  Currently the bag is unlined.  I do have fabric and a zipper for it.  It will certainly test my sewing skills as I am not that great with zips.   However, I shall continue as I started.  It may be more work, but I am improving skills and the next one will be almost perfect!

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    1. Thank you! I love the stiffness of the felt. I also like to recycle when I can! 🙂


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