Cookies and Knitting

I haven’t done any felting for almost a week.  I have been a bit tired lately since the clocks went forward.  I generally don’t sleep well and have always been a light sleeper and tend to wake up at odd hours in the night.  When I’m tired, I really don’t feel like exerting myself.  This self-isolation (or should I say enforced isolation) has made me slow down.  Yesterday, I actually did some heavy dusting.  I even got the ladders out.  As I have allergies I only worked on two rooms before I started coughing and sneezing.  The hubs did some hoovering. I hate doing that and am better at dusting than he is, so I am happy to do it until I have to stop.  Considering I have been at home for weeks, my house should probably be cleaner, but when I am felting, most chores go out the window.  Life is too short, especially right now!

I did a supermarket shop the other day which was quite an experience.  I never had to queue up before, but at least I was able to buy most of what I wanted.  I am not buying snacks.    I could happily devour a packet of crisps all by myself.  I am only purchasing essentials at this time, like food and wine!  I figure that if I cut out snacks, I should have lost a few pounds by the time things get back to normal.  However, it is nice to have a cookie once in awhile with a cup of tea.  Since most cookies are made with palm oil anyway, I usually don’t buy any and thought it would be a good idea to make some for a change.


Here we have all butter oatmeal and cranberry cookies.  I can’t remember the last time I made cookies.  Probably when the kids were small and made something similar.  My mom used to make oatmeal and raisin cookies when we were children, so there is a bit of nostalgia in the making.  I don’t have raisins and so used dried cranberries.  I have to say they are quite yummy and the hubs really likes them too, so that is a result.  I found a recipe online.  The internet is great for things like that.  It has been difficult to find flour in the stores, but no problem finding oats, which are quite cheap to buy.  There are a variety of ways to make these, so I will most likely try different variations.  It was quite satisfying to bake something we both like.

Instead of felting I have been knitting.  I have some leftover yarn from a project I finished last year.  I made a long scarf, hat (for the first time) and hand warmers.  I wear the hat and hand warmers often, but not the scarf so much as it is a long one and only wear it when going outside.  I thought I would make a neck warmer out of the leftover yarn I had.  As I usually do, I looked at knitted neck warmers online.  There are a lot of free patterns available and I downloaded a few to try.  Firstly, I had to unravel the yarn.  It took a few hours, but I have the time!  It is something to do while watching a film.  Here is my neck warmer.


The pattern called for it to be 30 inches long, but I made it shorter.  This is a seed stitch variation and is quite easy to do.  You can make it with or without buttonholes.  I made it with and managed to find a couple of nice buttons I bought awhile ago.  The reason I like neck warmers so much is that you can wear them all day and they don’t get in the way as they are quite light.  They are also a nice accessory to a neckline.  This is made with 100% acrylic and is very soft.  I have issues with some wool yarns around my neck as I can get a rash.  I still have enough left over to make another one and a pair of hand warmers!  I will do that another time as I can feel a felting project coming on soon!

2 thoughts on “Cookies and Knitting

  1. The knitting is lovely – beautiful colour yarn too. As for the cookies, well, they look scrummy.
    A lot of people thought they would now have time to deep clean their houses, but they soon realised it wasn’t a lack of time that prevented them, it was lack of enthusiasm!

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    1. Thank you! I need to clean my kitchen every day, mainly because food is prepared there and also the dogs live there. So much dust and dirt. By the time I finish with that, I have no real inclination to do anymore until I can’t stand it. I work on the threshold approach! 🙂 Stay well!


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