Wet Felted Red Shawl

I made a shawl over a week ago, actually more like two weeks ago.  I made up some felting batts on the blending board.  I had an idea in my mind.  Here is how I laid it out.

90331847_523641018295485_5463811352474681344_nI posted this layout on my Facebook page as a work in progress.  It is quite big and takes up the whole table.  I think I need a wider table.  I made up about 10 felting batts.  After felting I wasn’t really crazy about it.  It was well felted, and really light, but it didn’t work out the way I planned it.  I had it on the mannequin drying and wondering what I could do with the lovely felt.  I thought of cutting it up and making a hat.  Although I prefer to felt my hats on a resist, I am not adverse to cutting up felt and stitching it up to make a hat.  It is just another way of doing it.  So I just left it on the mannequin waiting for the right moment to deal with it.  I do that with paintings also.

Then one day I had an idea.  So I pinned a few areas and when I was happy, I cut it!  It looks like this.


It is more like a little cape.  Although the shawl didn’t turn out the way I imagined, and it still isn’t perfect, for me, I am pleased with my adjustments.  However, I learned a lot, so I don’t feel my time was wasted.  I used the cut offs to make a collar and I left the whole shawl asymmetrical.  I will try this again, but I have a better idea on how to construct it differently next time.  The scarf is made with superfine merino wool with viscose fibers on top. on one side only.  I used one of the poppy brooches I recently made to pin it together.  I would be really happy to wear this for a fancy evening out!

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