Some More Flower Brooches


I am kinda hooked on making flower brooches at the moment, and scarves.  The brooches are great for pinning your scarf, or adding to a hat, or just as a brooch.  When I went to the guild meeting in February, my friend Anna asked me if I would make her a brooch like the one I was wearing, except she wanted it in earth tones to go with her brown coat.  I happened to be wearing this brooch below at the time.


We have had two meetings cancelled, so I don’t know when I will be able to give it to her.  Can you guess which one it is? 🙂

I needed to make a red brooch for a shawl I made and also wanted to use up some felting batt I had.  Any bits of leftover wool is great for making flowers.  So I made up some flowers.  Today is the day I finished them. Funny how they turned into poppies! I had these large ceramic beads from a deconstructed charity shop necklace.  I used a few for centers.  Then I stitched on a lot of beads.  Sometimes making brooches is as treacherous as needle felting as I always seem to stab myself when putting on the brooch findings.  I currently have 4 templates for brooches, but I will probably make two more.  That way I can make six at a time.  I let them dry in muffin tins, which helps give them a nice shape.

There are other ways to make flower brooches, this just happens to be my go to method at the moment.  You can even stack 2 templates together by using a slightly smaller one on top and putting a bit of thin plastic between the two with a hole in the middle so it felts together.  Easier to make it stick when using the sander.  What is your favorite method to make flower brooches?