Re-working Another Hat

The nice thing about felt is that it is malleable.  You can make it into pretty much anything.  If things don’t turn out the way you want, you can always re-use the wool in some other way.  I have been reworking a few hats lately.  As I am relatively still new to hat making, I am constantly learning with every make.  I have been mostly happy with my hats, but sometimes when trying a new technique, things may not go according to plan.


I made this hat ages ago.  It is a really well felted hat.  It is a modification of the snail hat.  I was never really enamoured with it.  Every time I looked at it, it bugged me.  A few days ago I trimmed off the sides and turned it into a cloche.  I had to shrink it down some more, but I think it looks better now.


Once I trimmed the sides off, I didn’t really have enough for a wide brim.  I was hoping it would turn out well, otherwise it would get turned into a vessel.  I think it looks good with or without the brooch.  The other brooch was too big for it and I had to hunt around for one.  Luckily the purple in this one matches the purple at the top of the hat.   I call it my sloppy cloche as the brim is straight down.  Reminds me of a beach hat.  The hat is made with merino wool and sari silk fabric and fibers.  Size XS!

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    1. Thank you! I like it either way, but most people on FB like it with! Why hats are so versatile. 🙂


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