Self Isolation and Working Through My Stash

Wet Felted Hats and VesselsSome photos of colorful vessels to inspire you

In these days of enforced self isolation, many people are at a loss as to how they can fill their time.  If you have children at home, there is plenty that can be done.  I was a stay at home mother, so I know.  I was lucky that technology wasn’t a big part of their lives as it is now with the next generation.  Parents can still control that, if they choose to.  Now that my children are all grown up I have the time to learn new things.  Filling up my time is not an issue as I have dogs and have learned new hobbies.  I can even re-visit old hobbies, such as knitting.  The knitting stopped when I had children.

I still need to work.  I have been working as a temp since 2012.  Work has been very consistent until the last year.  Hobbies would be relegated to the back burner when I was working.  In-between contracts I would pick up my hobbies again and try and make the most of my free time until the next contract.  The time in-between contracts has been a bit too long recently, but I have been making good use of my time.  I do worry sometimes if I will ever be able to get any work.  I have been anxious.  Now that people are asked to stay at home unless it is urgent, the potential for any work coming forward doesn’t look too promising.  Rather than having a panic attack, I choose to be pro-active.  It doesn’t mean I don’t have concerns, it just means that I choose to focus on things that I can change and that mostly means myself.

Events are being cancelled all of the time.  My craft fair in April is postponed.  Our guild meetings for the next two months are cancelled.  Our holiday in April abroad is cancelled.  I decided that we should holiday in the UK this year and go in September instead of June, when we usually go.  I didn’t feel right about booking the ferry in December, as we usually do, with Brexit on the horizon.  I really had a bad feeling about it.  Also, it would have made travelling with the dogs more problematic.  Brexit issues are nothing compared to what is going on in the world right now.  Rather than worrying, I have decided to accept things and do the best I can.  I am trying to adapt to the change.  Some people do not cope with change very well.  Unfortunately, it is something that is beyond our control and not anything the world has experienced before.  I am sorry that things get cancelled and disappointment is rife, but dwelling on them is not helping.  I am of the if it isn’t a life or death situation, get over it and make alternative plans if possible.  It may sound unfeeling, but is getting sucked in to every disappointment really going to help matters?  People do have real worries.  Some have lost jobs.  Some may lose jobs. Business may close down. Things pretty much suck right now as we no longer have the unlimited freedom that we had before, but if we want to keep healthy, we have to put up with it and become proactive in other ways.

Having things to do in the moment can take your mind off of things in the ‘current situation’.  As there is nothing we can do about the current situation, we might as well do what we can in our present moment.  Frankly, there is just so much cleaning that I want to be doing.  I have two dogs, so there is no way I am ever going to be on top of every piece of dust and hair that comes into my house.  Felting is just one way of keeping busy and I am creating something at the same time.  I may even be creating more dust, but I can live with it.  I may or may not sell the items that I make.  I can see that buying a scarf may not be so important if you can’t even get toilet paper, pasta, flour, or tinned goods at the supermarket.  Priorities are going to change again.

Wet Felted Scarves and Neck WarmersAnybody want to buy a scarf?

I am not buying any unnecessary items.  I will not be purchasing any wool.  I may need that money for bills. Instead, I am working my way through my stash of wool.  I have a lot of wool and I might as well use it up and learn something new as I go along.  I am not purchasing any courses. I shall be using books instead.  What happens when I run out of wool you may ask?  Well, I still have a lot of painting supplies, so I will go back to painting.  I have a WIP that is begging me to be finished. It is very big.

FullSizeRenderIt is saying, ‘please finish me’!

It is good to have more than one hobby or interest.  When life makes you slow down, we need to listen and slow down with it.   I am not in a hurry for anything, are you?  I am not felting today.  I am finishing up things I started and will be doing some cooking and a little bit of cleaning.  I had a lovely walk with the hubs and the dogs this morning.  I might felt tomorrow as there is something I want to try.  If I lay it all out later today, there will be no excuse not to finish it tomorrow.  I might even do a bit of needle felting.  I have options.  Some people do not have options, either due to poor health or life choices.  I feel lucky that I can still do things.  I am grateful for the small things.

IMG_0539Something I finished yesterday.  I hand stitched the daisies so the stitches wouldn’t show through the back.

So, what are you doing to help you get through these trying times?  Please feel free to share.  Maybe it is not craft related, that’s ok.  We can all learn from each other.