Pink Spring Flowers Cobweb Scarf

After the epic fail of felting slippers, I decided to make a scarf to feel better about myself.  I recently ordered Elegant Scarves and Wraps by Jill Denton from Amazon.  There are a lot of good ideas for making scarves and nuno felting and most of them are inspired by nature.  The book has complete instructions on how to felt and make pre-felt.  This pink scarf was inspired by one of the tutorials in the book and I took the liberty to deviate from some of the instruction to make it my own.  Instead of making full sized versions of the scarves, I will be trying the techniques on a smaller scale where possible.

Firstly, I made up some felting batts on the blending board.   Instead of making the batts up in ways I had done previously, I made them up in vertical and horizontal layout only and left out the diagonal.  I found out that the width of the scarf doesn’t shrink that much when adding the diagonal.  This is fine if you are making a long shawl where you don’t want the width to shrink much, but not so great when making a small scarf or neck warmer as it will be too wide.  This way is more like the traditional layout.


Making felting batts is also a very good way to use up small amounts of wool that you have leftover.  I also had some vibrant pink that I was able to mix in with the other pinks and lavender.  It would have been too much to use on its own.  I made 5 batts in total.  I cut one in half to make the pointed ends.  This is the first time I have cut a batt in half.  The batts are made with a mix of superfine and fine merino.  The decoration is sari silk fiber and mohair yarn to make the flowers.  I made three flowers on each end.  It measured out 170cm from tip to tip.  The batts are approximately 12×12 inches.  I always add a little bit of extra wool to cover thin areas where the batts are connected to make them look seamless.


I wetted out the piece and then flipped it over to add extra wool to the other side, especially in the joins.  The decoration on the reverse is horizontal.


Here we are all finished.  This scarf is very thin and light, but still warm.  I added a brooch from the stash I made for the craft fair (which has now been postponed 😦 ).  Although I call it cobweb, it doesn’t have holes.  However, if you hold up the scarf to the light, you can see through in a lot of places due to the layout of the batt.  I’m really happy with how it turned out, especially how the cut edges felted.  I left the edges on the diagonal to be a bit more organic, but I steamed and straightened out the sides on the long edge.

I liked doing this so much I made some more batts to make another one!

2 thoughts on “Pink Spring Flowers Cobweb Scarf

  1. It looks great. I imagine the craft fair you were going to be selling at next month has been cancelled now. Will you perhaps have an Etsy shop, or just save up stock for next time. I make felted lampshades you may enjoy trying. My blog has instructions on the how to.

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    1. Thank you! Yes, the craft fair was cancelled. I do have an Etsy shop and I have a shop on Facebook that I need to add more stock too, though everything is for sale, so people just need to ask until I get it all set up! I saw your post on lampshades. Unfortunately I don’t need any at the moment. I think you can felt anything if you put your mind to it! 🙂

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