Wet Felted Poppy Cloche

I don’t have any progress photos of this hat.  It was intended to be an Untouchables Trilby hat for the hubs.  He liked the one I made for myself, but wanted one in black.  As with the Top Hat I made, the hat ended up being too thin (I made them both on the same day and followed the same instructions).  In any event, having learned from my previous mistake, I didn’t need to leave it for a few days.  I just re-wet it and fulled it down some more on a smaller hat form and turned it into a cloche.  This is when I left it alone for a couple of weeks as I needed to work out how to decorate it.  The plan was for it to be a trilby and I had everything ready for that.  While working on other hats, I figured out what to do with it.


I had made some brooches some time ago and thought I would add flowers to this hat.  I was initially going to make one big poppy flower, but I had these little brooches for the craft fair and started playing around with them on the hat.  I got the idea to add poppy brooches as I have a black beret with red poppies on it that I bought in Bayeux, France last summer.  As these poppies are rather fine, I think they work great on the hat.  This hat also weighs next to nothing.  It looks so pretty now that I almost want to keep it! 🙂