When a Top Hat Becomes a Cloche

IMG_0447Here is my top hat on the Hat Shaper I purchased recently.  Top hats remind me of Monopoly games and Steam Punk.  I saw a few felted top hats on the internet and thought it might be nice to make one.  Although it is looking good here, and I felted the heck out of it, it is way too thin and flimsy.  I used some variegated 19 micron merino wool with 23 micron merino.  I forgot to take photos of the layout.  Although I did follow instructions, it didn’t turn out the way I hoped.  I left it for a few days.

After thinking about what to do with this thin hat that would be no good except for scrap, I had an idea.  This is what happens when you leave something for awhile.  I turned it into a cloche.  I used my smallest hat form (which is still big for me) and fulled the hat down some more and re-shaped it.  Here it is now.


This hat has a nice floppy brim to keep the sun out of your eyes and weighs only 62 grams (just over 2 ounces).  I switched out the hat band from the fedora I made and used it silk side out.  The hat band was a head warmer I made last year, but I think it makes a very nice hat band instead.  This hat is a nice, soft, but sturdy felt.  I am of two minds to stiffen it as it is floppy, but that could be a good thing.  Although wool hats are associated with winter, I think this hat would be great for anytime of the year as it is so light.

So the motto here is:  When in doubt, don’t throw it out.  Just make it into something else!

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