Large Nuno Felted Scarf With Bling


I decided to take the nuno felting cobweb scarf to the next step and that was to go large.  I always learn something when I make anything, and this time I learned that I need to make wider strips of the shiny fabric and lay out extra wool on top to hold them down as I had a few issues with them to start with because they were fraying and there were gaps.  I managed to fix it by spot fulling and adding extra wool in certain places, but it is not perfect – and that is the goal.  However, it is good enough for me and no one would know.  This scarf is made with Merino wool, sari silk fibers, viscose, mulberry silk laps, shiny gauze fabric, wool locks and Angelina fibers.  It started out at 6 feet long and shrank down to 4.25 feet.

I really love it.  It is super light, soft and full of texture.  All it needs is a brooch to keep it all together.  Next!