Wet Felted Slippers – First Pair

I previously wrote about the wet felted slipper workshop I went to last weekend.  As far as I am concerned, it could have been better.  In spite of everything, I tried to make the best slipper I could, under the circumstances.

I first laid out some lilac merino batt as that is what I had the least of on the batt front.   I then laid out a pale blue batt for the second layer as that is what I have the most of.  Here is the second layer of my layout on the resist.


I had a felting batt made up from different shades of purple.  Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of the batt.  But I do have a photo of a hat that I had made with a similar batt.


So, this stripey batt ended up being the topcoat or decoration to my slippers.  In fact, I used the same lilac batt in this hat too!  So this is what my slippers look like.


Please do not judge me for my hand stitching skills.  I had originally shaped my slippers on the shoe lasts I brought to the class.  When I got home, I took them off of the lasts to shape the slippers to my feet.  Many people use shoe lasts to shape slippers, but they are way to big for me.  They may be the right length, but they were too big everywhere else.  I stuck my feet in warm water and soaped up my slippers to shrink them down and shape them to my feet.  I tried them on again the next day and they fit.  So I added some felted soles I had picked up at Gilliangladrags when I did the hat workshop.  You can also buy felted and other soles at Joe’s Toes.  There is a helpful video on how to stitch on the soles.  I got a bit better with the second one.  After I stitched on the soles I tried the slippers on again but they still weren’t quite right, so I stuck my slippered feet into warm water and re-fulled and shaped them.  The felt soles molded to my feet and that made a big difference.  I had to make some more adjustments on the top to make everything even before I could add some decorative stitching.

Downloads - Copy

For a first pair of slippers made with the incorrect size template, I think they came out ok.  They could have been fulled more, and I would have liked them a little bit longer, and will most likely pill, but they pass for a first pair of slippers.  I can’t wear them with socks, but they are soft and lovely and warm.  I bought some latex drops in case I need them for the bottom of the soles, but will most likely not use them as we have two dogs.  Need I say more.  If I make another pair of slippers for myself, I may use another pair of felted soles with the Vibram soles underneath.  In any event, the next pair of slippers will be for my husband.

9 thoughts on “Wet Felted Slippers – First Pair

  1. Your slipper look great! I wish I had sewn soles onto mine….I made them with Bergschaf and thought they would be ok without but they went into holes with weeks! I will definitely attach soles to my next pair.

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    1. Thanks Karen. I think the soles make a slight difference against the dog hairs in my house! You can even add two to make them more sturdy. I shall be ordering some Vibram Soles to attach to the felted ones next time as that should solve that problem.

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  2. I think they look great. I’ve made a couple of pairs of slippers and my latest pair are merino on the inside and outside but a layer of Corriedale in between and that made them a lot sturdier and I wear them every day and they are lasting really well. I’m also a fan of Gilliangladrag and Joe’s Toes 🙂. I live too far away to do any of Gillian’s workshops but I do follow her on Instagram. I have children sized feet and find the slipper last for those much narrower than the adult ones.

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    1. Thank you and lucky you to have child sized feet! I have a child sized head! LOL! Gillian makes her slippers on the last and fulls them in the washing machine. Not sure how good that would be. I have some other batts apart from Merino, Perendale and Corriedale. Will try that for when I make slippers for the hubs! Wingham Woolworks is selling off their shoe lasts for £10 as they are not restocking. Maybe you can bag a bargain.


      1. I’ve not tried Gillians way. I made boot slippers and slip ons both with flat template and then moved to lasts. I can’t see how well they’d felt on the lasts in the machine because there’s nowhere for it to shrink. Let me know if you give that a go in future.

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      2. As this is an adventure in felt, you know I am going to have to try all of the different ways at some point! 🙂


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