Some Booty

Last month at the guild meeting, I gave my friend Anna some wool tops I couldn’t use.  I thought she might find them useful as she makes art batts for spinning and she sells them too.  So, at this month’s meeting I got a surprise.  She made me an art batt and spun me some yarn for my felting projects.  She also gave me some dyed nepps.


The art batt is quite soft and has a mix of soft wool, silk, and other fibers.  The spun yarn is made from a similar batt made with some of the roving I gave my friend.  It is a thin, single-ply, knobbly wool, with some other colored fibers in that are difficult to see unless close up.  The nepps are hand dyed by Anna.  She tried using them for spinning, but they don’t work.  Although they can stick in an art batt, when used for spinning, they pop out.  I happened to mention that they can be used for wet felting, and so she gifted them to me.  The pink art batt is one I made on the blending board and Anna saw me spinning with it, she suggested I use some of the batt she made me.  Pink and brown do go together.  I shall be giving her something nice at the next meeting. 🙂