Caribbean Ocean Hat and Neck Cowl Set


I mentioned that I was working on a different colorway for my next hat and scarf set.  As I was looking at my hat stand, I realised I really didn’t have any blue hats.  I love blue and all of the ocean colors.  I also have a fair amount of it in my stash, so I thought I would use some.  The mix above is merino wool, with a merino mix on top with sari silk fibers and viscose.  This is what the scarf looks like inside and out.

DownloadsRather than just using up one color for the inside, I use various shades of turquoise blue.  As the template is the same for the hat, I laid out the wool for both the hat and the scarf exactly the same.  I haven’t ironed this yet, but it will get a little pressing.  I am not sure what is exactly in the merino mix, but there are the same colors of turquoise mixed with a lot of white shiny fibers.  The sari silk and viscose also add a nice sheen.  I wanted to make it look like the Caribbean Sea.  Here is the set.

Downloads-001For some reason, the camera wants to make the hat and scarf look more blue rather than turquoise.  I went with the rosettes on the side as I really like them.  Here is what they look like on.


I really love how the set turned out and I am always amazed at how light and warm they are.

On another note, it was our guild meeting this weekend so I have a bit of show and tell for that.  I am also doing a wet felting slippers workshop today that I have to write about for the newsletter.  I am hoping that it is going to be ok.  I haven’t made slippers yet, so it will certainly be an experience.

I also started making more brooches for the craft fair, so there has been a hiatus on the felting front, but I hope to get back into the swing of things next week.  There is always something to do!