Another Nuno Felted Scarf Set With Bling

I made another nuno felted hat to go with another scarf I made last year.  You probably think it is the same as my previous one, but the beauty of felting is that no two items will ever be exactly the same.  Although I used the same colors, I did lay everything out differently.   The bonus is that this hat actually fits me and is why I can model it to show you how it looks like on!  It is size XS, 53/54cm and is made from merino wool, wool locks, sari silk fibers and up-cycled scarf with beads and gold threads.


I actually wore this today.  The hat is very light and super warm, same as the scarf.  In fact, I wore the scarf most of the day as it was so comfortable and kept my neck warm.  I really love the colors in this and I have to say that it was the scarf that decided the color pallet.  I am beginning to wish that I had more clothes in these colors.  I used to wear a lot of brown and neutrals back in the day, but the scarf would look equally lovely with a  navy blue top as orange is the complement of blue and the blue fibers in the silk tone it down a little bit.

I am finished with this color pallet for now.  I have started another neck cowl and hat set.


I can feel a theme coming on!