Nuno Felted Hat and Scarf Set with Bling

I am focusing on making hats to go with the scarves and neck collars I made last year.  As I was putting out my scarves on the display rack, I was thinking about re-working some of them – primarily the neck cowls.  Here is the cowl I re-worked.


I made a second one, but I will be keeping it for myself.  I just cut the scarf in half and healed the edges. This is what it looks like now.


The brooches that I made for the craft fair came in really handy.  I cut the second cowl to the same size and ended up with enough left over to make a matching brooch.  I think these short neck scarves look really lovely with a brooch.  I am really pleased with how they look now.  In fact, I liked the scarf so much that I decided to make a hat to go with it.  I have so much of this scarf fabric that it would have been a shame not to use it.

I made up a new hat template for a medium sized hat form.  I am trying to make a variety of hat sizes and not just for people with small heads, like me.  I used mostly the same colors of merino wool, sari silk fibers and wool locks.  The wool locks I used came from World of Wool.  Unfortunately, the quality is not that great, but it is good enough to make texture.  This is what I cam up with.



And here is what it looks like as a set. Downloads-003

The set is actually more vibrant in person.  Just trying to get a great photo at this time of year is almost impossible.  In any event, there will be more hats on the horizon.

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