Getting Ready For a Craft Fair

I have never done a craft fair before.  Although the fair is 2 months away, there is still a lot to do.  I have to think about how I will display my items as not everything will fit on the table.  I need to make more hats in larger sizes.  I need to make more brooches.  I need to order a stamp with my details on.  I need to make sure I have enough coins!  The list seems endless.

I ordered a display rack from a supplier on eBay.  The price was very reasonable.  It arrived today and I set it up.  You can see some of my wool supplies behind the rack!  The wool has taken over!


The rack came with 7 tiers, but I only used 6.  There weren’t any instructions on how to put it together, so I had to work it out by looking at the photos on eBay.  The tiers turn to make it easier for browsing.  It wasn’t too difficult once I worked it out.  The rack is easy to transport also, so I am quite pleased with it.  I put some scarves and hats on the rack.  I mainly wanted the rack for the hats as I have no place to really display them.  I have plenty more neck warmers, but they require a pin or brooch, so I will have them on the table next to the brooches!

I had also ordered some pins to pin my price tags onto the garments, so that should keep me busy.  So much to do!  Once I have everything packed and priced, I will show you my set up!  In the meantime, I have some hats to make!

2 thoughts on “Getting Ready For a Craft Fair

  1. The very best of luck to you with your first craft fair! The hats and scarves look great on your new rack.
    Here’s a few things we were advised to do:
    Don’t put everything flat on the table – vary the height by raising stuff up on stands.
    Remember to take a float of money and keep it about your person, perhaps in a ‘bumbag’ – theft happens in even the nicest event – we’ve witnessed it.
    Put some business cards at the front of your table – you may get sales later on.
    Buy some paper carrier-bags of appropriate sizes for your purchased items and put a business card in as well.
    Sticky tape, scissors, string, paperclips, elastic bands, bulldog clips etc can be very useful.
    Take a bottle of water and a small packed lunch – food and drink are not always available on site.
    If you can, take some ‘work in progress’ – people are often drawn to watching and anyway it’s a good way to pass any slack times.
    Be friendly but not pushy.

    Hope you sell loads!

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    1. Thank you for the tips! I will be going to the bank this week! I know it’s early…As for the rest, I still have loads to do!


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