Sunsets on Holiday – Color Inspiration

I have been busy beavering away with making brooches and needed to make a scarf.  I have been liking the bright colors from my recent hat and neck cowl set and decided to go with a bright theme and to also try something different.  How unusual for me.  I swear it’s a Gemini thing.


Here is my layout.  It is nearly two meters to start with.  I got some purple roving and laid out a swirly pattern in the middle and networked it on the ends.  I had to divide the roving into really thin strips.  I then laid out the merino superfine in fuchsia, crimson, clementine and begonia.  For the lacy ends I added some multicolored mohair yarn on top of the network and then a superfine layer of purple merino on top of that.


Sorry about the quality of the photos.  I even took the scarf outside as the sun was out.  I don’t think the camera likes me.  I then put a superfine layer of sari silk fibers on top of the merino, except for the ends.  I wet everything out and then sanded.  By then it was late, so I left everything covered overnight.  I went back to it the next day and put on some plastic gloves and gave the piece a good rubbing.  This brought any loose fibers into the piece.  I also palmed the whole piece on both sides.  Afterwards I began to roll and full the piece until I got a nice felt.


There are only two layers of fiber laid out superfine.  I probably won’t do the network thing with roving again on the ends, but it works ok for this piece.  I do like the border and the swirly design in the center, but I may just go for a border around the edges next time.  I also like the texture on the silk side.  I was going to make one big brooch with all of the colors, but I decided to make two brooches instead.  I used vintage buttons for the centers.

As I was working I was thinking it looked like a sunset.


I took this photo on a bus from Puerto Madryn to Ushuaia in Argentina, where we saw the longest and biggest sunset ever!  It was better in real life! 🙂  I also have the colors in my scarf on a duvet set I have had for the last 10 years!  It must have been in my subconscious!  So what inspires you when making a creation?

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