What to do when a project doesn’t go as planned

I mentioned before that I tried an experiment for an infinity scarf, but it didn’t work out according to plan.  Instead of throwing it out, I cut it up and made two neck collars with vintage buttons.


As you can see, there is a lot of texture in this neck collar.  The third piece wasn’t large enough to make another neck collar.  As I have this craft fair coming up, I decided to use up the leftover fabric to make brooches.


I managed to get 12 out of my scrap.  I used a glass and a cookie cutter as my templates.  Bearing in mind what I said in my previous post about spending too much time on making a brooch or making them too complicated, I decided to keep things simple (because I had the idea of making double layered flowers).  After cutting out the shapes, I wet them in soapy water and rubbed them in my hands to heal the edges.  This also shrunk them a bit more.  I tried to shape them as best as I could after rinsing and let them dry in the airer in a muffin tin.  I used vintage buttons I had in my stash.  The charity shops around here are really great for that.  I know that orange is not everyone’s favorite color, but I won’t be putting them all out at the same time!

Tell me what you do with your failed projects or leftover wool!

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