Making Heart Brooches


I know it is February and Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us, but I did not make these brooches for that.  I am making a few small things for the craft fair that I will have a table at in April and I need to get cracking on with making some small items.

I had some leftover applique material from a couple of vessels I made.  I had these hearts cut out for months.  It was just a matter of when I would make the brooches.  I used an applique bonding material which is a two step process.  The applique was leftover from another project and then I zig-zagged all around before sewing on the pin.  The applique is made from merino wool, sari silk fabric and Angelina fibers embellished with the embellishing machine on pre-felt.  I reckon that it took me a couple of hours to put these together.  It looks like a lot of effort for how much I will try and sell them for, but if they all go, then it will be worth it for a couple of hours work.

From what I have been told, it is necessary to have cheap items for sale along with your more expensive items.  One lady I know makes needle felted brooches, but she really doesn’t like making them and only does it because they may sell.  If they don’t, they go back in a box until the next fair.  I don’t see the point in making things that give me no joy.  I actually enjoyed making these as I hadn’t done anything like this before.  In the future, I will most likely not spend as much time and effort on creating something like this, unless it is for family or good friends.  I might just put them on a card instead.  Another learning curve.

I have another piece of felt that will be turned into brooches, but they will be larger and the price will reflect that.  I will show you next time!

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