Rose Cloche Updated


This is the Rose Cloche that I made last year.  It is a really nice fitting hat with a bit of sparkle.   However, the right side was annoying me.  A few weeks ago I decided to re-visit this hat and give it a makeover.  There isn’t really a lot I could do to the hat as we have a rosette on one side and there is a bit of bling from the Angelina already.  So, I pulled down the fold and trimmed it so it was even, healed the edges and folded it back up.  As simple as that!


I can’t believe what a difference this tweak made to the look of the hat.  Now I feel happy enough to list it on Etsy.  This is a 53/54cm or Extra Small (to fit a petite head or large child).  Fits me perfectly!  Super light and super warm.