Inspiration For Hat and Cowl Set

I get a lot of inspiration from reading blogs, looking at Pinterest, watching YouTube videos and reading books.  Sometimes I find the books because they are recommended by a blogger (I still do my research on the author).  There are not many (good) books about felting fashion.  One day I would ultimately like to make wearables other than scarves and hats.  I found out about a British felter called Lizzie Houghton who is originally a clothing designer.  I really love her use of color.  She has written two books. Her book, Creative Felting is not what I anticipated.  Although there are how-to’s in the book, it is not a book on how to make any particular thing.  It is more about trying out different techniques and color combinations and looking for inspiration.  I wanted to make an infinity scarf and thought I would try one of these techniques and color combinations.


I used merino wool in green, cerise,  and black.  I then made a piece of pre-felt in orange at the same time.  The prefelt was cut and laid out on top of the other colors.  I then laid out some more black and sari silk fibers on top of the prefelt.  The colors underneath the cuts was supposed to come through, but it wasn’t enough for me.  Although I ended up with a really nice piece of felt, it was a little too thick for an infinity scarf as it really didn’t have a soft enough drape to wrap.  I might do this again, but instead of making a pre-felt, I will just lay out the orange in a random manner as I really do love this color combination.  Because I wasn’t happy with the outcome as it was intended, I cut the scarf, healed the edges and button holes, and then made two neck collars.  I bought some vintage casein buttons and viola!  The collars are very warm and comfortable. I have some felt left over, so I will use some of that to make brooches for the craft fair.  I should have thought about this project more before jumping in and made a sample first, but I just get impatient and go for things.  However, I actually did learn something from my so-called error.

I loved this color combination so much that I made a hat.


This hat is a size 57/58cm or Small.  I am focusing on making hats bigger than my head to sell at the craft fair in April.  I used the same colors as for the neck collar for the base layer and pink and green viscose for the top layer with orange sari silk added on top of the pink viscose.  I am really happy with how the hat turned out as it is really light, yet warm.  However, I wanted more pink.  So I made another neck cowl.


I started the cowl in the usual way, but I used green, orange and cerise merino for the first layer as I wanted all of these colors to peek through the viscose.  Instead of laying out the viscose in a thick horizontal layer, I decided to lay it out really thin and wispy as I have a limited supply of the pink and green.  I had only a little bit of the orange blend sari silk left, so I used it on top of the pink only.  I still got the texture I was after, but with less fiber, so this is the way I will be going from now on.  I really love how this cowl turned out and it can be worn any way you want.  I made it to match the hat so the neck opening is a 57/58cm or Small.   Although the layout is not exactly the same as the hat, they both work well together as a set.  I am not completely finished with this color combination and I can see another scarf in the making.

I shall be working my way through the color combinations in the book and trying out the different techniques.  However, I shall be more thoughtful with my laying out in the future. 🙂