Re-vamping a Slouchy Hat

You may remember that I made the hubs a hat.

Downloads2-002He did wear it a few times, but he has no hair and sensitive skin and found it too itchy.  I wore it a few times, but even when I folded the brim under, it was still too big for me, so I decided to full it down a bit more as I didn’t feel it was felted enough, and I also had to make it smaller.  This is what we have now.

DownloadsSo here we have the hat from every angle.  There is no real front or back so one can decide the best way for them.  I personally like the way it is on the model or the one on the lower right hand corner.  I decided not to fold the brim as I really like how the silk looks on the black and I have a very even edge.  I will admit to fulling the hat in the tumble dryer.  Since I have discovered the dryer method, I have saved a lot of time with rolling and rubbing.  All I did was wet the hat in lukewarm water, gave it a squeeze, folded it inside out, stuck it into a washing bag for delicates and popped it into the dryer for 10 minutes to start.  That is a cool setting on my tumble dryer.  I checked it to make sure it didn’t shrink too much (it didn’t) and popped it into the machine on the 20 minutes which is warm, but only for 10 minutes as I needed it to shrink.  This fulled up all of the loose fibers nicely without over felting.  You have to be very careful when fulling in the dryer as otherwise this hat would be turned into a bag!  I made this on the S/M hat form, which is still a little too big for me, but I will be putting it on Etsy.  I think it looks a lot better now.