Learning to Spin at The East Sussex Spinners Weavers and Dyers Guild

No, I haven’t joined a gym.  I went to my monthly Spinning Weaving and Dying Guild group.  As it was the first meeting of the year, we were generally having a catch up and learning spinning skills before a talk that was being given by people who attended the summer school.

I popped over to see my friend Anna to give her some wool that I wasn’t using so she could turn them into spinning batts.  Anna has a very expensive (I was going to say fancy, but they all look pretty much the same) drum carder that she makes her art batts on.  In return, she gave me some wool yarn she made up so I could felt with it.  I showed her the scarves with the yarns which she loved, so I think I will make a neck collar for her and give it to her at the next meeting.


She also had some lovely blue yarn she made up, so I bought a skein for a fiver.  It is twisted with some lovely threads and will be nice to use in a shawl or hat.  I bought a drop spindle from a lovely lady called Ann.  I met her at the Fiber Fair in April last year and she has helped me get into the Guild.  I think her hubs makes the spindles and she decorates them.  The spindles cost £8.  Ann kindly showed me how to hold the yarn and spin it.  It is pretty easy once you are shown how to do it.  As with everything, practice makes perfect.  She showed me a beginner technique, it quite relaxing, so I now have another skill to make my own yarn for felting or knitting with.  I made that bit on the spindle in less than an hour.  I shall be using up my leftovers to make some batts on the blending board.  It will also give me something to do at the next meeting. 🙂