Wet Felted Neck Warmer with Silk

I started another online class with Lena Archbold.  It is for felted cushion covers with a bonus of a neck warmer and hat using the technique for the cushion.  I am not going to explain everything I did as if you want to know how to do it, you should do the course.  It is not expensive and you get a lot of information and tips.  There is also a closed Facebook group where you can share and ask questions.

I managed to take a few pictures this time as I needed to remember the layout of my decoration.

IMG_0139I needed to remember how to do the other side!  The layout took quite some time.  Here it is finished.  This is the front.  I just love all of the texture.


And here is the back, below.


And here is a close-up.  Lovely and shiny!


And here it is on. I used a heavier merino than what is recommended as that is what I have, but I laid it out really thin.  It is still very flexible, soft and warm.  I think this is my favorite make so far!  I am going to make a hat to match it.


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