Nuno Felted Neck Buff Head Warmer – Reversible

DownloadsHere is another neck buff head warmer that I made with some leftover silk from the scarf I bought in Paris many years ago.  It is also made with some variegated merino wool in shades of coral and pink that were part of the winnings from a competition held by the Felting and Fiber Studio.  By the way, if you want to learn how to do anything to do with felting, someone will have done it on this blog and posted about it.

I really didn’t get enough of one color to make a substantial item in my winnings.  However, there was just enough to make a nuno felted neck buff.  I made it small to fit my head size.  I tried something different with the decoration as I wanted to show the wool as it was so pretty and didn’t want to cover it all up.  The colors also went really well with the scarf and really toned down the orange in it.  I used pink locks, red sari silk fibers, and a mystery fiber all from World of Wool.  I laid down the locks on the diagonal, then put the sari silk fibers on either side of that and then laid out a thin layer of the mystery fiber on the locks.  I was going for a really knobbly and bubbly texture, which I got.

I can also wear the neck buff with the neck cowl I made, either on my neck with them doubled up or as a head band.  The buff is really thin, but very warm.


I am still hooked on scarves and neck warmers as I don’t think I have exhausted all of the possibilities yet.  I am currently trying something new, so watch this space. 🙂