What I made in 2019 – Part 2

Wet Felted Hats and Vessels-001After making vessels, hats were the next logical step to take.  After all, a hat is a vessel for the head.  Once you can make a vessel, you can pretty much make a hat.  I started with a beret as it was supposed to be easy and the template is the same as for a vessel.  I think I felted it too hard.  I have made a total of 11 hats.  Two of them are going to be made into bags and one will be made into a vessel.  I will probably rework a couple of them.  I have a couple of favorites, but I tend to wear the pink cloche with the flower brooch the most and it was the second one I made.  I haven’t put any on Etsy yet as I have been a bit lazy on that front. I did one workshop and one online hat workshop.

As with the vessels, I have run out of room for storing hats.  The next thing to make was scarves, especially as my husband made me a blending board and it is a good thing to make felting batts with.

Wet Felted Scarves and Neck WarmersI have made over 24 scarves (including neck warmers/cowls and shawls).  So far I sold one nuno felted scarf.  Scarves are very easy to store.  Since I’ve upgraded my storage system for my wool, I have loads of plastic boxes for storage.  I have made quite a few already this year and I don’t think I am ever going to stop making them.  I need to finish off my shawls with yarns so they can be made into ponchos.  I am still working on the online shawl course and have learned so much in a very short time.

I also made a pair of hand warmers for my daughter.

Downloads2-005I shall be re-working the template on this one as I would like to make more.  So, as you can see, I have been quite busy since I started in March 2019.  As I work as a temp, my work is contract based.  This year has not been so great on the temping front compared to other years, although I can’t complain too much.  However, the down time has allowed me to make things and learn.  The more you make, the better you get at things.  So onward and upward.