What I made in 2019 – Part 1

felting photos-001Little did I know when I saw my first needle felting demo at my local haberdashers and bought my first needle felting kit in March 2019 (a bumble bee) how much felting would change my life.  I needle felted over 30 items.  Some of these have been sold and most of the rest has gone to family members.  My Gnomes and terrarium are the last few things I needle felted and are what I am the most proud of as they came out of me rather than something I worked on from a tutorial. I have taken a sabbatical from needle felting as I am currently hooked on wet felting.  I thought as I used to paint, I should try painting with wool.

felting photos-002I have only painted 5 pieces.  I enjoyed the wet felting part, but I do not enjoy the free motion stitching – mostly because I have an outdated machine and it is more of a frustration to try this method than normal sewing.  I may come back to it as I have a book on felting paintings where very little sewing is involved, but for now, no.

Wet Felted Hats and Vessels

I have also wet felted 15 vessels; one I threw away, and one I reworked.  One I also sold before Christmas.  I would like to make more, but I really do not have room for them and until I sell some more or give them away, well, that’s it on the vessel front.

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