Nuno Felted Neck Cowl Last Make of 2019

I finally managed to take some photos in between the rain.  Here is the last thing I made in 2019, literally on New Year’s Eve Day.

Downloads-002I had a little bit of this scarf left over.  I did say it was a rather large scarf.  It wasn’t as wide or as long as the other pieces.  I changed my template yet again to make it not as wide and so that the end result would sit closer to my neck.  I started off with shades of coral and salmon and raspberry in merino and then used pink curls with viscose on top.   The viscose gives it a really nice sheen and texture, as silk would, but without the cost.  It can be worn in a variety of ways.  I was going to put this one on Etsy, but I live it so much, that I will keep it.  I figure that I need to personally market my wares so people can see what I can do.  Well, that is my excuse anyway. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Nuno Felted Neck Cowl Last Make of 2019

    1. Thank you! I have been wearing it! It is so cozy. But it is all for sale for the right price! 🙂


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