Happy New Year and I’m a Winner!

By the way, Happy New Year and all that jazz!  I hope 2020 finds everyone happy and healthy and trying new things.  I have made three new scarves already since New Year’s day!  I will post photos once we have a dry spell and I can take some decent photos.  It’s winter, what can I say!

I also won some wool!  The Felting and Fiber Studio on WordPress were having a giveaway and I was one of the winners.  Receiving a bundle of wool at the start of the New Year is a wonderful thing.  If you are a felter, I recommend reading their blog as there is a wealth of information going on there with women trying new things all of the time.


We have some mulberry silk fibers, merino wool, some prefelt, and a couple of batts that I don’t know what they are.  I will most likely incorporate the merino wool into a scarf or neck warmer, as with the silk fibers.  The batts are too scratchy for a wearable, so I might make a vessel or two with them.  All in all, a lovely little bundle of wooliness. 🙂


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