Nuno Felted Neck Cowls With Dragonflies

While waiting for the New Year to roll in I have been keeping busy making neck cowls.  I have been wearing mine nearly every day!  Even indoors!  Which is saying something as I only ever wear scarves when I go out in the cold.  I am not the type of scarf person who will wear a scarf all day as an accessory.  I don’t think that is a look for me and I envy people who can pull it off.  I think a lot of scarves are too long and bulky and I am not a tall person.

A friend from work gave me a lovely scarf as a leaving present.  It is pink, which I love, but it has silver dragonflies on it.  I have had it for a few years and have never worn it.  It is large enough to be used as a sarong!  I am surprised I kept it when I was doing my Kon Marie clear out, because it really didn’t bring me joy.  Just because something didn’t bring me joy didn’t mean I couldn’t use it to make something to give other people joy.

DownloadsI changed the shape of my template this time to make it narrower at the top.  You can see the scarf before I felted it.  I used merino wool and viscose for the decoration.  Although the scarf is pink, I used wool in three different shades of purple.  I wasn’t sure how well the wool would felt through as the material is polyester and viscose, and wool and polyester don’t generally play well together.  However, I could see through the scarf when I held it up and made the assumption that it should work.  It did.  I used the sander with cold soapy water so that the wool wouldn’t felt too quickly before being able to migrate through the material.  I think it turned out rather well.  The viscose gives a really nice sheen.  This cowl is like having two scarves in one as it is totally reversible.  So, I then made another one, in pale pink.

Downloads-001Apart from some random bits of crazy pinks, this pale pink is the only pink I have at the moment.  I used most of the pinks up to make hats!  I really like how this one came out as well.  I used sari silk fibers on top of the merino and then the pink viscose on top of that.  The pink is all in the same tone so the fibers don’t really stand out that much, but the silk and viscose add a lovely sheen and texture to the plain side.  I like how crinkly it all is too.  These scarves took a long time to full down and I had to finish them off in the tumble dryer, which worked a treat.  I was a bit wary about doing that as sometimes the item can shrink in unexpected ways.  However, I think because I fulled it as far as I could by hand, the machine just finished it off that extra bit that I needed.  You can also see the difference the colors make on the material .

I am so glad I didn’t get rid of the scarf.  I have enough material to make two more neck cowls.  One is in the tumble dryer now!

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  1. They are very pretty as well as useful – more convenient than a traditional scarf when you’re working.


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