Nuno Felted Neck Cowl With Bling

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas.  We had a quiet Christmas day.  We were so lucky to have the sun shining, so we went out for a long walk with the dogs on the downs.  I completely forgot that there is a section with some rather deep puddles at this time of year.  The dogs don’t seem to mind, but it meant we had to take care not to slip around too much.  It was good exercise!  After our walk, I finished up some food prep, whacked the turkey breast in the oven and headed over to our local to celebrate the day and see some people we know.  Christmas cheer and all that.  I also managed to sell a scarf to a lady I know from work, so that was a bonus too!  On Boxing Day, I was back to felting.  Christmas was over!

These are the materials I used:IMG_6021I found this yellow gauzy scarf in the charity shop for £2.  It is really big.  I don’t wear these colors, but I will most likely be wearing them in the future.  Although I didn’t think the scarf was silk, there is enough of a weave for fiber to migrate through and hold it to the wool (my assumption).  There is a pattern with gold thread and pearl beads.  I decided not to use the fabric to nuno felt on, but instead I cut up a few pieces to use as decoration, just in case it didn’t work out.  I used merino wool in various shades of gold and orange, sari silk fibers, a mystery fiber that might have viscose in, and some orange locks.  I realised while working on this cowl that I didn’t really have any yellow, so I will need to rectify that!

Downloads2I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.  The silk is not really scratchy like I thought it might be, but I still won’t use it on the inside of a cowl.  I realised that the inside was rather plain, so when I made another one, for me, I just added some bling fibers to the resist before I laid down the wool.  I do need to make things for myself to wear as advertising!  I also took the opportunity to shrink down a bit more the cowl I made before Christmas.

Here is another look:IMG_6028

I am having fun making these cowls and will be thinking about how to make them a bit different and more me.  Watch this space. 🙂