Boho Shawls with Yarns and Happy Holidays

Still working from my online scarf with yarns course, I managed to create two more.

IMG_5969Project 2 was about creating fine lace.  There were supposed to be three layers of fiber sandwiched around two layers of yarns.  I only had merino wool, which is required for the middle layer only, but I used it for all three.  I used the wool and yarns above.  My shawl turned out as below.Downloads2You can see some of the yarn, but you should be able to see more.  Although extremely lightweight, the shawl should be more lacy.   It is about the same thickness as the scarf from Project 1.  I also have sari silk fibers on top of the final layer of merino wool.  Not  unhappy with it, but it didn’t turn out the way it was supposed to.  I needed a think.

IMG_5970For Project 2 part 2, I used two layers of merino wool with yarns sandwiched in-between.  I used the same colors except I changed one ball of yarn to pink.  This did give the shawl a more lacy effect and I was able to add some holes, though it probably really wasn’t necessary.  My daughter said I could make her a scarf like this, but without holes. 🙂Downloads2-001I had plain merino on the pink side and then I added sari silk fibers on the other side as before.  The sari silk fibers add a really nice texture and sheen.  It is very soft and smooth and gives the wool underneath an extra lift.

Here are all three together.

Downloads2-002I am planning on adding snaps and buttons so that I can make a poncho.  All of these shawls are reversible, so they can be worn in any number of ways.

I won’t be felting until after Christmas as I need the dining room and especially the table.  I purchased some chair/table risers to raise the table to work at more comfortably.  It has been really helpful for felting, but it isn’t such a great height to eat at! 🙂

So I am wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!  Thank you all for stopping by.