Nuno Felted Neck Cowl

I made a neck cowl last Friday.  Although it took me all afternoon to make it, I did take a lot of breaks while doing other things, it should only take a few hours at the most! I followed (more or less) a tutorial by Living Felt on YouTube.  There is a lot of rolling with nuno felting and it is also better to use tepid or cool soapy water so that the fiber doesn’t felt before it gets a chance to migrate through the fabric.  The tutorial is for wet felting a neck warmer/head band.  I have plenty of neck buffs I purchased at Millets as they are great for keeping your neck warm or keeping the hair out of your face.  You can also turn them into hats.  I have been making neck warmers lately, so I thought I would make one of them instead.

Downloads2.jpgI thought I would start showing you the materials I use for my projects.  Here I have an old, but lovely tattered silk scarf that I bought in Paris many years ago. I used to wear this scarf often, but I haven’t worn it for years as my colors have changed. I also have merino wool in various shades of coral, pink, wine, sari silk fibers, red viscose, and pink locks.  The cowl is made on a resist.  The wool is laid out in a herringbone layout.  I laid out the colors in random patches and then added some more silk and the sari silk, viscose and locks as embellishment as that is what I had.  It was my first time using viscose.  It does crazy things like the sari silk and has a lovely sheen to it.  It is also a lot cheaper than sari silk!   After laying out the wool and wetting everything out, instead of rolling a million times, I used the sander.  I sanded on each side.  I could see and feel that the wool had migrated through the silk.  I then rolled about 30x on all 4 sides.  The piece was shrinking, so I took it off of the resist and rolled some more.  Although you can shrink a piece with only cold water, it will shrink more if it is warm, or hot, so I heated it up.  I am happy with the length, but I will most likely have another go at getting the width down.  In any event, I now have a lovely neck cowl that I will most likely wear more often as the colors go with a lot of my clothes. I am not really a scarf person, so this length is perfect for me.  It is super light weight and reversible!


You can see how the wool colors changed the silk scarf.  The scarf is more pink now.  I wore it over the weekend and it was really warm.  I think I will be making some more of these in the future to add to my Etsy shop or give as presents, but this one is a keeper!