Forest Green Cobweb Scarf and Hand Warmers

Downloads2-006Here is the scarf I made for my daughter.  It is the same as the Forest Green Neck Warmer, but I used six felting batts instead of four.  I made the neck warmer and the scarf at the same time.  I thought six batts might be enough to make an infinity scarf as I used five for the Ocean Blue infinity scarf, but apparently not.  It now looks like I will need to use 8 or more!  In any event, this scarf is long is long enough to wrap around the neck a couple of times.  I can’t share this on my Facebook as it is a surprise and am only posting now as by the time you see it, my daughter will have already seen it as we will be seeing her before Christmas day!  As I had some green wool left over, I decided to try making a pair of handwarmers with a thumb.  I knitted myself some thumbless handwarmers last year that I let her borrow when we were out together one day and she told me she liked a thumb as it would be warmer.  So this is what I made for her.

Downloads2-005There is a video on YouTube by Living Felt about how to make arm warmers.  I didn’t follow it exactly.  I know, how unusual of me.  But I also looked at some blogs where people made them and worked out my template measurements from that.  My template was actually a bit smaller than the one in the video, partly because I was making wrist warmers and not the whole arm.  Otherwise, I followed every step.  See, I don’t always go totally off-piste!  Bearing in mind that my daughter has smaller hands than me (and feet, and she is taller, how unfair!), I wanted a snug fit on the hand warmers.  It took quite a long time for the wool to felt to size, but it should fit her as they are quite snug on me.  I will probably try to make another pair, this time for myself.  I will need to modify my template some more and make it smaller in some places and longer in others.