Felting a Shawl with Yarns


I think I might have mentioned that I was doing an online course with Lena Archbald.  We are making scarves with yarns.  Yes, it is possible to make a scarf with just yarn.  If it is wool, you can felt it.  Obviously, some yarns are better than others.  They must be hand wash only and have a high percentage of wool.  This shawl is the first one from the course and is made with Merino wool, chunky wool yarn, alpaca/cotton blend, mohair yarns, merino yarn and sari silk fiber.  This shawl is super lightweight (that always amazes me about felt), soft and silky.  The silk has a lovely sheen.  I really love this shawl.  This is just the first part of what will ultimately become a poncho!  Stay tuned.

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