More Neck Warmers and Scarves

Downloads2-001I can finally show my neck warmers!  I made all of these with felting batts.  I was so excited about making neck warmers from batts made on the blending board that I really didn’t think them through properly.  Bearing in mind that I made these a little while ago now, I have since learned a lot about the blending board and how to best use it for making batts for felting.  They are made with Merino wool and sari silk fibers.

I made up six neck warmers in one go!  I had so much fun blending the colors and making the batts.  I used three batts for each one.  They felted well length wise, but not so much on the width, or not as much as I would have liked.  Each batt is approximately 12×12 inches.  I wasn’t 100% happy with them after felting, so I left them for a while.  I then read a blog post about how to know if you have felted enough.  I felted them all again and got a better felt, but I couldn’t get the width down.  So, I cut them in half and healed the edges.  I then left them alone again.  That is when I made some more neck warmers.  Sometimes you need to leave things alone and make something new.  In the end, I worked out what to do with the neck warmers and here they are!  I have two of each of the colors and they are available on Etsy.  Some have vintage buttons and the rest have new ones.  Between waiting for buttons and for the weather to clear so I can take photos, a lot of time has passed and I have learned so much.  In fact, I think I have nailed the neck warmer thing with this latest one.

Here is a proper cobweb scarf/neck warmer.  It is made with Merino wool in bright white and Alpaca with sari silk fibers.  I had ordered 4 lots of Botany Lap Waste and there happened to be some Alpaca in there.  It is soooo soft.  I made up 3 felting batts with the minimum amount of wool I could manage and it turned out like this.  This neck warmer is soooo soft and light I am almost tempted to keep it for myself!

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