Nuno Felted Lavender Frilly Scarf

Downloads2-004.jpgI know I showed you this scarf before, but here it is again with a new model!  I have decided to list this lovely scarf here on my Etsy Shop.  I have been having fun making scarves.  Although it is all a new learning curve for me, I feel I have more fun making things that people can actually use than I did when I was painting. I am just painting with wool!  I am also able to incorporate upcycling into my work too and give something that was unloved/preloved a new lease of life!  I found two silk scarves in my stash that I haven’t worn for years and will be doing something with them too.

I have just started an online scarf felting course with Lena Archbold.  She has some unusual methods of scarf making and I have gained a lot of information just from reading her blog.  Some of her students belong to a couple of the Facebook groups that I belong to and their work is stunning!  I hope I get that good!