Forest Green Cobweb Neck Warmer


Here is my latest in the wet felted cobweb neck warmers.  This is made from Merino wool and Sari Silk fibers.  I had ordered a mixed pack of sari silk and it came with a lovely dark green silk blend.  Although it looked mostly green, there were other colors in there as well that you wouldn’t notice such as turquoise, yellow, red, pink, purple, black and gold threads.  Silk doesn’t felt.  People like using it in felting as it brings a nice sheen to the work and the threads do crazy things, like crinkle up which gives the piece texture.  They need to be held down by very thin wisps of wool.  In fact, you can add any kind of yarn to a piece as long as you hold it down with wool.  When I make my felting batts, I usually take some of my merino wool and gently pull it through the blending board.  Unless you look very carefully, you wouldn’t know that any wool is on the board.  Then I add the silk in little bits before adding the rest of the Merino.  When the batts are all laid out I add extra bits of wool or silk where I think it is needed.  It looks so pretty sometimes that I hate to wet it, but that is where the magic starts.  As with printmaking, you never know how a piece is going to turn out until it is finished.

I am loving how this neck warmer turned out.  This one and the blue one were made with four felting batts, and yet, the blue one is still longer, even though they were both felted in the same way.  I don’t understand it.  This one is the same size as the Spring Green neck warmer although that one was made with three batts.  I do understand that wool will shrink more or less depending on how many layers there are or how thick they are.  What I don’t understand is that the forest green and blue neck warmers were made the same way with the same amount of batts.  It is difficult to gauge the exact amount of wool unless it is weighed out first, but I go by eye and feel, and the end result feels the same to me.  What a conundrum!  In any event, the forest green scarf is now listed in my Etsy shop!

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