Spring Green Cobweb Scarf, Neck Warmer

Spring Green is one of the scarves I made in my first batch.  I used three felting batts to make this scarf.  This scarf was the best out of the six I made and I think it had to do with the amount of wool that I used, which was less than the others.  This neck warmer was felted twice as the fibers hadn’t been fulled enough.  This made the scarf shrink more, but that is ok as I have a better felt and it is still soft and flexible to be worn in different ways.


I used various shades of green of Merino wool, with a bit of a sari silk blend on both sides.  On one side I added some green threads and wool that I had in my stash.  I love the bits of pink and red flecks that were in the silk blend.  This scarf reminds me of a spring meadow.

This scarf is now in my Etsy shop and comes with the pin you see in the photos.