Making Scarves and Neck Warmers

I am taking a reprieve from making hats at the moment.  Mainly because I don’t have a lot of space for hats and secondly, scarves are easier to make, and easier to store.

Making scarves is also another learning curve for me.  My Ocean Blue cobweb scarf was the first one I made.  Cutting it in half and then making them into infinity scarves/neck warmers was kind of an afterthought.  When things aren’t working, you need to find another way.  Luckily it worked.  From there, I went to making neck warmers as I thought they would be more practical.  Being me, I just jumped right in and made 6 in one day using felting batts.  I will tell you more about that in another post and when I am ready to share pictures!  I learned a lot from that too!  I also learn by watching YouTube and Google.

Here is one of the neck warmers I made after I had an ah-ha moment.


I am now convinced that the felting batts are the way to go for making scarves and neck warmers, for now.  This neck warmer can be worn in a few ways.   It is very thin but well felted.  If you hold it up to the light, you can see the cobweb effect.  I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but I made a few of these in this new way and the technique is fairly consistent.  This is also the first time I tried a fringe.  It was time consuming, but I am quite pleased with how it turned out.  The scarf is made with Merino wool tops and sari silk fibers on one side only.  The other side is plain blue.  I love how the sari silk fibers crinkle up and create texture.  They also lend a nice sheen.

This scarf is now available in my Etsy store.  It comes with the pin you see in the photo.

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