The Color Purple

I love purple.  It is supposed to be a healing color and is why the Amethyst stone is supposed to be calming.  I used to have a Lavender bedroom when I was a girl and I have one now, as well as my living room.  I love purple sofas.  As I look good in purple, I thought I should have a sofa in a color that will complement me when sitting on it!  I looked at my wool stash the other day and noticed that I have a lot of different shades of purple, more than any other color.  So, imagine my surprise when I ‘found’ a couple of felting batts I made from my bits of purple.  Really, I have been so busy that when I made them and put them away, I forgot about them.  So, I really was surprised, and pleased to have something that was ready to go.  It called to me to make a hat.IMG_5808

Here is my template for a basic cloche hat.  It is 40cm wide at the bottom that includes a 20% shrinkage rate.   You can see how much the hat shrunk.  I could probably get it to shrink more, but that would shrink quite small and hard.  I used one thin layer of merino batt in Heather from World of Wool for the inside.  It looks more like pale lavender, but never mind.  I then wrapped one piece of the felting batt on one side of the outside.  It needed a bit of stretching out to fit, but I just added a few small pieces of merino to fill in the gaps.  I needed to take more care on the second side.  I wanted the sides to match up so that there would be no obvious seam.   This is where patience and a bit of thoughtfulness pays off as I needed to very carefully wrap the sides so they would line up with the first side.  I managed to pull it off.  It took me about an hour to lay down and wet the wool.  I didn’t’ use any embellishments.  I needed a cup of tea after that!

This is what it looks like:


Instead of a cloche, I thought I would try another concertina hat with a rolled brim this time.  The wool told me to!  I really like the rolled brim.  One of the nice things about making hats is that if you change your mind, you can actually change your hat.  I still have plenty on top to pull down into a cloche shape if I wanted, but for now I really like it.  It just took me a little while to work out how I was going to wear it before deciding on the above, see below also.


This is a nice, soft hat.  Light as a feather and warm as toast!  I think that will be my catchphrase as it sums up the hats made with batts at the moment.  It looks really good with the nuno felted scarf I made the other day too!  We had a bit of sunshine for about half an hour so I grabbed the hubs to take some photos.  He has a better camera on his phone!  I think I need to make a hat in another color next time!