Hats and Scarves

The sun came out today for a short while, so I grabbed my photographer (AKA The Hubs) to take some photos of the scarves I made recently.  I wish I could have found a better model, but I’m afraid it is just me at the mo.


This is my little nuno felted scarf worn with three different hats (can you spot the new one?).  Purple is one of my favorite colors to wear.  Apparently it is a healing color.  I have a lot of purple wool in my stash!  The ruffles on the scarf are very pretty around the neck, like a Victorian blouse.


I made the scarf to go with the hat.  I have an ocean theme going on here.  This is the cobweb scarf.  You can see the contrast around the neck.  This scarf can be worn either way, depending on how blue or turquoise a mood you are in.  I made the pin the other day.  I think big scarves and shawls look great with a pin.  I spent a couple of hours with two of my best friends, Google and YouTube, and we made a couple of scarf pins.  I have some aluminum wire in different gauges that I was going to use for armatures, and just made a pin.  I need a bit more practice and some better tools than what I have, but I gave it a go.  I may have to make a scarf pin every time I make a scarf!

2 thoughts on “Hats and Scarves

  1. The scarves and hats are very pretty – love the colours – and the pin does look good on the ‘ocean’ scarf.


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