Wet Felted Scarves

It was only a matter of time before I ventured into the world of wet felting scarves.  Last week I had a contract where I really didn’t have a lot to do, so I read some felting books I ordered.  (I will most likely add a page for books that have inspired me.)  One was about felting scarves.  After reading the book from cover to cover, I decided I had to give it a go.

I made some felting batts on the blending board.  The batts are 30x30cm (approx. 12 inches square).  I made 5.  That should have made a nice long scarf. A lady from one of my felting groups posted a video of how she makes batts for felting cobweb scarves.  It is not dissimilar to how Ashford showed how.  Making a batt for scarves cuts out a lot of hard work of laying out wool.  This is where you can go mad with your embellishments.  I used the sander instead of rolling.  I needed to extend the dining room table at both ends for this project.  In the end, the scarf didn’t shrink much.  Only about 10cm lengthways and nothing on the width, even with stretching.  I did end up with a nice cobweb felt, but the scarf was too wide and bulky for the length.  I needed to think. I initially  thought I could do a test sample to see if I could cut it, but in the end I just went for it.  I cut the scarf in half and healed the edges with soap and water and then just re-wet the scarves and worked on them some more, stretching and rubbing.  Here is the result.


I call this my ocean scarf as it reminds me of the sea!  It is reversible and is darker on the other side.  That is the silk mix fiber that has gone all crinkly and looks like waves.  Each scarf weighs only 41g and is still very long.  However, it is more comfortable to wear as it is only about 6 inches wide.  The scarf is made with Merino, Corriedale top, and silk fibers.  It is super lightweight and very warm and cozy.  It even matches my blue hat.


I used the same colors and material in both items.  I think that this is the way to go when making cobweb scarves, and I get two for the work of making one!  They look very delicate, but in fact they are well felted and quite strong.  I am waiting for the weather to get a bit brighter so I can take some decent photos and to show you how they look together.

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