A Reversible Boho Cloche Hat


Here I modified the snail hat template to make a cloche with earflaps.  I used merino on the inside and Corriedale tops on the outside with some sari silk for embellishment.  I had ordered loads of Corriedale tops when I was making vessels and thought I would see how it would work on a hat.  As you can see, the colors are quite vibrant as they come in all the same colors as merino, but is a bit cheaper.  It does felt well, but you need to work it a bit more.  However, in hindsight, I shall use the Corriedale tops as a middle layer to give the hat a bit of strength and merino on the outside as it is a finer wool.  I have the same colors in both wools.


This is what the hat looks like reversed.  It took ages to shape on the hat form as the top could have been a wee bit wider.  Note for next time. I bought a mini steam iron for just this sort of thing and steaming the top of the hat helped to really stretch it over the form.  I think it was snug because I took off the protrusions that made the snail shell.  In any event, this hat fits really well and is snug to the head.  

I used 4 layers this time.  I thought 6 layers would have been too much, and definitely 2 would have been too little, so 4 is right in the middle (though 5 would have been ok too!)  The 4 layers make it a little bit flexible for reversing it.  I am in-between contracts at the moment, so I have had a bit of free time these last few days.  I have been watching YouTube video tutorials on how to make flowers.  There are so many talented people out there.  The first flower brooch I made for the blue hat was made by making a piece of felt and then cutting pieces out and stitching them together.  I didn’t need a tutorial for that, but it is a common method of making flowers.   This time, I used a multiple resist method which connected all of the layers together in the center.  The down side to this method is that it does take a long time to dry!  I have also seen people use sanders when making a hat.  It does cut the time down and can make a very nice fine felt.  So the hubs researched a good and cheap one to buy, so guess how I am going to make my next flower brooch!  This is what the hat looks like on.  Please remember that it is winter in England and I don’t have a lovely young model with a small head to model my hats.  It is just me in desperate need of a haircut and some bad lighting.