Wet Felted Blue Hat


I mentioned that I am doing an online concertina hat course.  This is the hat from the lesson.  I did not quite follow the lesson for the previous hat I made as I had made one already that I hadn’t been happy with and so it was modified.  This one also didn’t quite turn out how I wanted as I feel that the percentage rates given were not quite correct, though I followed them anyway.  I thought the resist was too big.

In any event, I am learning to adapt.  This hat is made from blue and turquoise merino with sparkly threads and a silk blend.  I would have liked more of the dark blue, but there was no way I could shrink it anymore and had to cut some off.  Though in hindsight, I could have made a hat with a wider brim.  Live and learn.  In fact, with every make, I learn something new.   This was also the first time I made a brooch.  I made up some felt from the same colors in the hat and then when it was still damp, I cut shapes from a cookie cutter.  I then found a nice button and some beads and stitched it all together.  Easy peasy!  Here is what it looks like on.  Please note that this is not a selfie.  I am merely trying to take a photo of the hat! 🙂


It’s quite jaunty and snazzy!  Not the best look with a fleece, but I would wear it out and about with slightly smarter clothes!