Wet Felted Concertina Hat

I am currently taking an on-line concertina hat course with Teri Berry.  I have a Kangol concertina hat that I have had for many years, but it is not felted, it is soft and folds completely flat.  It is one of my favorite hats.  I may not be into handbags, but I do love a good hat.  When the opportunity came up to take the on-line course for making concertina hats, I jumped at the chance.

After completing my reversible cloche, I made another hat with the same template, but I wasn’t happy with the form.  Nothing strange in that as it seems to be me at the moment.  I had found a child’s policeman’s hat to use as a hat form.  I found it in the charity shop for £1 and it fit me perfectly.  Unfortunately, the shape doesn’t really transfer to a contemporary hat.  I got my husband to cut it down so that it is now a perfect form for making a hat for my little head.  Some people use bowls, I find stuff in the charity shop.

I decided to re-work the hat for the concertina hat course.  One of the nice things about working with felt is that you can pretty much re-shape it or turn it into something else.  All that was needed was a bit of warm water and soap.  I re-fulled the form and when I got it to how I wanted it to be I put the hat on the form for shaping.

Downloads2 (3)

You can see the depth of the hat form.  Where the brim folds up is where the top of my ears are.   This form is for a large child and is still a little bit bigger than my head!  I used Merino batt for the inside and a combination of Merino and Corriedale tops for the outside.  I also used a bit of sari silk fibers for a little bit of bling.  A very subtle bling.  I could have made this into another cloche, but I had plenty of height to make some folds and enough for a small brim.  I used clips here as the felt was quite thick and sturdy.   I  then put the hat in the electric clothes airer to dry out.  I left it on the form until I went to bed and then I took it off the form hoping it would shrink a bit more.


When the hat was completely dry I tried it on and it fit perfectly.  I did steam it in a few places where the clips were to remove some of the marks they made.  I was going to trim the brim in ribbon, but it is quite thick because of the layers as you can see them here.  At first I wasn’t too happy about this, but it has grown on me.  They are not going to come apart.  If they do, I can always do some needlework around the edge or needle felt them down with the embellishing machine or by hand.  Rather than flowers, I made some feathers in the same colors as the hat with the templates I got from Mum’s Makery.


It looks rather jaunty and stylish!  I think this style would also suit a man and I am thinking I might make one for the hubs, but in different colors.  I will let him choose. 🙂  Now I just have to make the template for the actual course and make that!