Wet Felting Work Station


Here is my set up for wet felting my vessels and paintings.  I work in my dining room! You don’t need a lot of equipment to wet felt. I use an old plastic tablecloth to cover my table. Then I have a beach towel on top of that. It helps to soak up water and doubles up for when I roll the felt. I bought a cheap set of bamboo mats that sit on bubble wrap. The bubble wrap helps trap water. There are other uses for it but I really don’t use it for them at the moment. I then have 2 pieces of voile on either side of the resist which keeps the wool together when I have to flip the piece over. The voile holds the wool down when wetting and felting. I have a bottle of warm water with holes in the top for wetting the wool and a spare jug of hot water. I also have a sponge and olive oil soap. The soap helps the wool soak up the water and makes it easy to rub the wool through the voile. The sponge is good for adding water and soaking it up if there is too much. I also use my printing baron to massage the wool and I also have a special rolling pin for fulling the wool. I think it is a cool tool, but you can use a regular rolling pin with bubble wrap around it. I am currently using packing material I saved as resists, but you can use any stiff plastic. You also need wool and your hands!