Wet Felted Poppy Painting


Poppy – Wet Felted Painting – Approximately 7.5 inches square

I have been reading Moy Mackay’s books, and having been inspired by the poppies in France, I decided to have a go at the way she makes them.  There is a tutorial in her book, Flowers in Felt and Stitch.  I decided to make one big poppy.  Instead of Merino wool, I made this with Corriedale.  I started with a white batt and added the two layers of blue and then the poppy colors.  I added the stem afterwards as I was initially of two minds about having a stem, but the green makes it pop.  I also added some French Knots.  My stitching is slowly improving.  This was quite a thick piece to sew on.  I will be trying something a bit different for the next one.