Wet Felted Abstract Goldfish Painting


Abstract Goldfish – Wet Felted Painting – 9.5×9 inches

Here is another practice piece.  This painting was made with two different types of wool.  I used Corriedale batt for the base and used Merino for the top and design.  Plus I added a couple of other fibers for embellishment.  This piece started off as a 10 inch square and was based on an idea from the book: Creating Felt Artwork, by Rosiepink.  Apart from the color, I decided to make it my own.  I have a few books on wet felting and it seems like everyone has their own method.  I tried the method in the book.  I may not have felted it very well, but it seemed to turn out ok.  I added some Corriedale to fill in the gaps and make it a bit brighter.  The reason I used Corriedale instead of Merino is that I find Merino very difficult to needle felt due to its long fibers.  The Corriedale has shorter fibers which makes it easier to needle felt.  Surprisingly there wasn’t much migration from the layers of Corriedale up into the Merino.  Once I touched up the colors, I then had another go at free stitching.  I had to rip some of it out and start over before I ended up happy with it.

I’m still not sure if there is anything else I can do with it, but the nice thing is that I can always add to it.